Informal Bargaining in Bicameral Systems: Explaining Delegation by the Council of the European Union and the European Parliamnet. Advisors: Christine Reh and Christel Koop dissertation


Data Innovation for International Development: An Overview of Natural Language Processing for Qualitative Data Analysis
with Anna Hanchar IEEE Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on the Frontiers and Advances in Data Science (FADS), Xi'an, China, 2017. article

Conditionally Accepted

Power and Transparency in Political Negotiations
in European Union Politics article

Working Papers

Individuals, Disaggregation of the State and Negotiation Tactics: Evidence from the European Union
with Nicola Chelotti

Estimates of Public Opinion on European Integration that are Comparable Across Countries and Over Time
with Lukas Obholzer and Christopher Wratil

Strategic Rapporteur Selection in Informal Inter-Institutional EU-Negotiations

Measuring Political Influence: Agenda-Setting Power in the European Union

Against the Odds: Implausible Outcomes and Timing in EU Legislative Decision-Making
with Lukas Obholzer and Christine Reh

Improved Multilevel Regression with Post-Stratification through Optimal Model Selection
with Lucas Leeman and Reto Wüest